Charitable Donations

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Although we provide an extremely valuable educational service which is not replicated within the state sector, our Charity does not benefit from any State aid or support.

Occasionally, Local Education Authorities will pay the fees of an individual child through the “statementing” process.  Regrettably, however, dyslexia on its own is rarely recognised as being a sufficient disability to justify funded support at a school such as ours.

We help pupils across the whole of the social range.  Our only conditions are that we believe the pupil will benefit from what we provide and are satisfied that the pupil wants to be helped, will make a positive effort to learn and will be well behaved.

Many parents make considerable sacrifices financially to be able to afford the fees. Consequently, our fees are set at a level which will cover the school’s running costs but we have to rely on other sources of funding to enable us to provide bursaries for pupils who we know we can help but whose parents do not have the means to pay the fees.

We are very happy to accept donations from anyone who feels moved to help us help more pupils.

We are very happy to provide on request more specific information and examples of the help we have given and which we could give if we had the funds to do so.

Gift AidGift Aid

There is one way in which the State can be made to help, but it requires a significant contribution by a taxpayer through the Gift Aid scheme.

By means of Gift Aid, the State can in effect be made to contribute up to 50%, in the case of a taxpayer who pays tax at the highest marginal rate, of any donation made.

If you feel inclined to help us either generally or more specifically please enquire of our Principal or Bursar or download our Gift Aid donation form here.