Junior Curriculum

Forest School  DT

Burys Court School

We provide a full curriculum education with emphasis on literacy and numeracy. Some children benefit from a curriculum in English and/or Maths which gives them the opportunity to move at a pace which enables them to consolidate their learning, whilst others benefit from an accelerated curriculum.

We aim to match the curriculum to the child not the child to the curriculum.

We take very seriously the importance of having a firm base in literacy and numeracy on which to build further academic achievement, and the importance of acquiring the skills needed for a happy and successful life. This approach has proved very beneficial to pupils who are not dyslexic and who benefit from having the individual attention we can give.

We believe all children should be given the opportunity and support needed to learn to read with understanding especially if they have fallen behind. For reading and spelling we use a phonics system, Phono-Graphix, which we have now used for many years with considerable success.

This programme enables children to learn to decode words efficiently and is very successful with the children where it can avoid failure in reading. We give talks to parents to explain the system.

We teach in small classes, aiming to have a maximum of 14. These are split into smaller matched groups for English and Maths. Our pupils’ timetable includes the following subjects: English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, ICT, Design Technology, Art, Drama, Music, Religious Education, Personal Social and Health Education, P.E. and Sport. Cookery is taught up to Year 7.

We teach touch-typing to all our pupils.