Business Studies

Key stage 4

Business Studies is taken as a GCSE subject, starting the two year OCR Examination course in Year 10, and ending with a Controlled Assessment [25%] and two exams in Year 11 [50% and 25%].

Undertaking this subject enables pupils to engage in the study of business and to develop as thinkers with inquiring minds and problem solving skills. It is a discipline that encourages an interest in current affairs and to appreciate the perspectives of different stakeholders.

The course enables students to:

  • Examine what motivates people to go to work, both monetary and non-monetary.
  • Examine the different ways workers can be paid
  • Study advertising, marketing and the fast-changing ideas in e-commerce giving them a sound understanding of business.
  • Become aware of business organisations and terminology, how products are made and the bottom-line importance of finance.
  • Cover basic business law including health and safety and discrimination
  • Look at the workings of the British economy, interest rates and trade cycles
  • Look at current business ethics and moral dilemmas such as child labour and fair trade

A key component of the course is the review of case studies providing a vehicle for analysis and evaluation of individual scenarios. This trains the students look at a balanced argument and to draw logical conclusions.

To reinforce the business concepts that have been studied visits are undertaken to successful organisations which give pupils firsthand experience of the commercial world.

There is extensive use of IT in the course which draws on cross curricular knowledge from spreadsheets, interpretation of charts and graphs, and targeted internet research. Solid mathematical ability is essential to achieve a good grade in Business Studies. The maths is not difficult as the figures tend to work out to round figures; it is more the application and manipulation of the numbers.

This OCR course is not due to change in make-up until start 2017.