English Language and English Literature

Inspirational English teaching is the cornerstone of the Moon Hall learning curriculum. We are passionate about reading and this is reflected in our approach to teaching English; all of our schemes of work are imaginative and inspiring as they are based on novels and plays. The benefits of our successful phonics programme, 1:1 support, and dyslexia specialist teachers of English, combined with small classes, bring out the best in our pupils. They go on to make excellent progress in English as evidenced by our GCSE results for English, which have increased year on year. Pupils make significant levels of progress in English at Moon Hall College.

Our teaching approach is based on two main aims: to develop functional literacy as quickly as possible in order for pupils to access the wider curriculum, and then to build on this strong foundation with expressive and analytical skills. With the strengthened focus on skills and independence in the GCSE curriculum, we use a range of techniques and activities to embed learning whilst ensuring that lessons are inspirational. To broaden their cultural horizons and spark their imagination, we also work very closely with our outstanding drama and history departments. A full range of cross-curricular trips, including theatre trips, take place every year so that pupils can experience texts in performance.

Speaking and listening skills are also a key ingredient in our English strategy. We believe that for pupils to develop excellence in English they need not only to be able to marshal imaginative and sophisticated ideas, but to deliver them with confidence. Diction, clarity and reasoning skills are essential attributes for their futures.

As a fully credited Crested school we offer the very latest in dyslexia-friendly delivery of the English curriculum and have an exciting range of technology to support learning. Progress in English is rigorously assessed so that support is timely and relevant, and students have the best opportunities to excel.