Key Stage 3

Throughout Key Stage 3 music the pupils:

  • Learn basic notation and composition
  • Develop skills at playing percussion and keyboard
  • Listen to and discuss compositions of famous composers
  • Experience music from different cultures and countries
  • Study and perform rock and roll, modern pop music and jazz
  • Learn about the orchestra having the opportunity to enjoy performing together in practical tasks.
  • Understand how music is used in the media, with a chance to create digital compositions using the computer programme ‘audacity.’

All students are given the opportunity to be involved in an annual production; either as performers or helping with lighting, sound, programme design or backstage. Our music sound system gives students the opportunity to learn how to perform using microphones, and how to use the sound desk during performances. Previous productions have included Bugsy Malone, The Little Shop of Horrors and West Side Story.  Individual tuition in violin, piano and drums are available.

Key Stage 4

Year 10 and 11 have the opportunity to participate in the school productions as an extracurricular activity as currently we do not offer Music as a GCSE option, although running the sound desk and creating sound tracks can be taken as part of the Drama GCSE.