The school prides itself in supporting dyslexic students across the curriculum with the Science department recognising that our students have clear strengths in the subject as well as areas where they will require further support.

All resources are adapted to suit each individual in order to ensure they can access the curriculum fully and achieve grades that are truly reflective of their ability. All students who study Science have access to well trained staff who themselves have a passion for their subject.

To check students understanding of the topic, regular assessment is important, we therefore test all students from Year 7 to 11 at the end of every half term to ensure we as teachers are reflecting on our own lessons as well as being able to quickly identify those students who may need further support.

Key Stage 3
Science at Moon Hall is exciting and engaging and we aim for all students to have access to as many practicals as possible to let them see for themselves the Science in action! When entering Science lessons in Year 7 and 8 we have high expectations of all of our students, however as a department we ensure that their individual needs are met with specifically tailored resources and teaching strategies. Science incorporates so many important skills that cross many different subjects and we practice these regularly through our resources and our teaching.

Science follows the National curriculum in KS2 and 3. We want students studying Science to have the “Awe and Wonder” of the world and how it works. Asking questions and inspiring further independent research is what we wish to instill in our students.To promote learning.

  • We use detailed and differentiated schemes of work
  • Provide Key wordlists that are helpful and help understanding of those tricky Science words
  • Provide a variety of teaching resources to promote engagement and motivation in the lesson

Key Stage 4
At Key Stage 4 from September 2017, students follow AQA GCSE Biology. This is a three year course commencing in Year 9. As we are offering a single Science it is hoped that all students will achieve a very sound GCSE grade at the end of their studies. The Biology syllabus is exciting and engaging and offers students the opportunity to delve further into topics that are already of interest to them. We have several required practicals that students must pass in order to be entered for their GCSE exam. The GCSE is examined by 2 papers each lasting 1 hour and 45 minutes.

In order to help support our senior students we offer additional lunchtime and after school support sessions along with detailed revision packs to help guide and best prepare them.