Speech and Language Therapy

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Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) can support:

• Receptive & expressive language skills
• Speech & phonological skills
• Social communication and pragmatic skills
The delivery of the curriculum at Moon Hall uses ‘dyslexia friendly approaches’ including providing  pupils with visual support and methods to aid, following instructions, understanding and development of language. Some pupils may need individualised programmes of Speech and Language Therapy to develop specific skills and strategies in relation to every day language, language of the curriculum and communication.

The therapy
SLT at Moon Hall is provided by ClarkSLT, a small team of highly dedicated speech and language therapists, specialist in supporting children’s communication skills in the school environment. The therapists can assess individual student’s communication skills and advise on the right intervention package where one is needed.

Packages of support can involve individual and group work, liaison with staff regarding curriculum, language, literacy and social skills, regular discussions with parents, termly reports and input into EHC plans.

The school funds training sessions by the SLT team to develop teachers’ skills and also funds input by the SLTs into whole class lessons or with small groups of students.

The RALLI Campaign
ClarkSLT is led by SLT Becky Clark. Alongside academics in the field, Becky founded the RALLI YouTube channel, a campaign to raise awareness of language learning impairments.

View Milo and Tilly, students at Moon Hall, explaining ‘What’s tricky about reading?’:


Comments about SLT

‘Since working with Becky, we have seen a continued and marked improvement in our daughter’s learning and social skills. Not only has this improved her performance at school, it has also made her a happier child who is at ease in her surroundings and amongst friends. We are truly grateful to Becky for all of her hard work and the support which she has shown our daughter.’ Mr W, Parent

‘Speech and language helped me with my confidence & explaining things.
I find it enjoyable because I can talk about what I struggle with.’  Y6 Student