Geography Trip to Queen Elizabeth 2 Olympic Park

After a postponement because of torrential rain, the Geography trip for Year 10 went ahead this week. We travelled to the park using several different transport methods including the DLR – a driverless train. Accompanied by Ms Mackie, who previously worked as a Landscape Architect on the site, we went to the park to carry out an investigation into its sustainability (a real Geography buzzword at the moment!). The students conducted themselves really well and worked hard carrying out surveys and more challengingly questionnaires. This was a great opportunity for our pupils to gain confidence and experience talking to members of the public and they all rose to the challenge. A highlight of the day was ascending the AcelorMittal Orbit tower- a great place to observe the changes and on-going development of the area. There were 455 steps to walk down as we all chose not to take the 40 second, 15MPH slide down – in parts it appeared to be vertical! It was worth the walk as we spotted a huge birds nest tucked into the structure of the tower.

A final excitement was another aspect of a trip to London – ‘celeb’ spotting. Not exactly David Beckham or a member of 1D, but we saw the actor Don Warrington who is currently appearing in ‘Death in Paradise’. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to get an interview with him!






Mrs Mills – Head of Geography
Ms Mackie

Battlefield Trip 2017

After a very early start (4.00!), we took all of Year 9 and three very brave parents on our trip to the battle fields of the Somme. The weather was glorious and yet again the sun shone for us.

It was a long day but much enjoyed by all of us. We visited numerous cemeteries and battlefields and were told story after story by our fabulous guide Andy. He had photographs of soldiers who had lost their lives and was able to bring these stories alive for our students. Although I have been on this trip many times even I was enthralled by Andy’s knowledge and ability to captivate our students.

What was especially moving was our visit to a cemetery where all the graves were from the same regiment. This helped to make the students understand just how terrible the First World War actually was.

We finally arrived back at school by 22.10 exhausted but full of the stories of the day.It was a fantastic trip which I look forward to repeating next year. Many thanks to Year 9 for being so enthusiastic and an absolute credit to the school and their parents. Also thank you to the parents who came with us and to Mrs Loder for accompanying us.

Mrs Hadley Head of History

Science Week

As it’s Science Week we had a Science themed assembly. Mr.Dennis from the Science department and a number of senior pupils started the day with a bang, carrying out various experiments. This included a hair raising experiment using the Van der Graaf generator and igniting hydrogen and ethanol.

We also had a demonstration by Mr.Dennis of Force = mass x acceleration and energy transfer by the breaking of wood, roof tiles and breeze blocks. Mr Dennis is a 7th Dan black belt in Taekwon-do, ranked 20th in GB and we are extremely fortunate having him run our afterschool Taekwon-do club.

Art trip to the Tate

The Year 10 GCSE Art and Design students are just about to embark on their second unit of coursework, titled ‘Interiors and Exteriors’.  This unit will form an important part of their GCSE portfolio and in order to make a positive start on their project work, the students were taken to the Tate Modern for the day.  This trip was designed to provide a wealth of visual stimulation, photographing structures such as the Millennium Bridge, moving and static vehicles, street scenes showing perspective, looking at architectural details and of course viewing some of the exhibits within the gallery itself.

The Year 10s were clearly on task from the very start, cameras were out by the time we reached Three Bridges Station and the students used every opportunity to photograph a wide range of visual imagery.  Luckily the weather not only remained dry, but the sun shone down on us for much of the day – resulting in some excellent photography which we hope to exhibit later in the academic year.

The students also toured the interior of the building, working their way around the gallery in small groups, taking notes and using their cameras to record information on selected exhibits.

Both Mrs Squire and I were hugely impressed with the positive attitude displayed by our students at all times.  They were an absolute delight to take out!

Junior School Assembly


Our junior school gave an informative assembly today as they presented their half term challenge. This cross curricular activity covered Science, History and Geography with Year 6 investigating Louis Pasteur and Sir Alexander Fleming, Year 5 discovering historical facts about Ancient Greece and Year 3 and 4 continuing the Ancient Greece theme but from a geographical viewpoint.


The assembly ended with an enthusiastic display of Greek dancing led by Mrs Clark!


Internet Safety Talk

On Monday 6th February we were joined by Moon Hall School for a joint Internet Safety day for Years 3, 4, and 6. Ian McGraw, an Education Safeguarding Advisor from Surrey, spoke to them about Internet Safety, including issues on cyberbullying,  protecting your profile and online gaming.

Brighton Art Trip

On Thursday 26th January, the Year 11 Art & Design students went on a trip to Brighton.

The students completed a series of photographic studies based on the exterior of the Royal Pavilion buildings, focusing on the unusual turrets, domes and highly decorative architectural designs.  Luckily the weather remained dry and despite the cold, the students worked hard to record their observations through photography. We visited Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, which included exhibitions on ‘Experimental Motion; the art of film making’ and ‘Photo Punk’ which were extremely useful to support their ongoing exam preparatory work. In addition to this, we viewed the unusual interior of the building and once again our keen photographers recorded plenty of visual images for use in the exam unit. The museum dressing up box provided a great deal of entertainment during a well-earned rest period.  After a relaxed lunch inside the museum, we walked down to the seafront to look at some small local galleries, the pier and beach area.   By the end of the day we all certainly understood the phrase ‘wind chill factor’!

With the collection of photography and drawings, the Year 11 artists are now busily preparing for their 10 hour exam which is due to take place towards the end of April.   Once completed the work will be exhibited around the school and in the ‘End of Year Exhibition’ – please do come and have a look.

The Year 11 students have every right to feel proud of the work they completed on this trip, they remained focused and on task throughout the day, they were an absolute delight to take out!

Sarah Bocking (Head of Art)





Cross-Country Running Success!

Success at the ISA South Regional Cross-Country Championships.

The MHC Cross-Country team travelled to Shoreham for the annual ISA Regional Cross-Country heats on Friday . All runners performed superbly and put in every bit of effort they had.

The Senior Boys performed exceptionally well winning the U18’s group and we are thrilled that four from our squad will be representing the London South in the National Finals; all four finished in the top ten of their age group.

Well done to the entire squad.


Sporting News

The senior boys hockey team are excelling themselves this season with excellent performances resulting in 2 wins out of 2 matches played. The latest match was against More House with a 5-0 win with goals by Jasper, Scott, Toby and Marcus who scored 2; man of the match was Jasper.

Meanwhile the Year 11 Btec sport class went to Surrey Sports Park in order to practice for their Unit 1 online exam.  The Btec group took part in numerous fitness tests that could come up in their exam.






Finally, congratulations to Joel, a former pupil of Moon Hall College, who is now the World Junior [U17] British Water Ski Champion after he competed for the title earlier this year in Chile.


Year 7 Trip to the Weald and Downland Museum









On Tuesday 17th January Mrs Loder and I had the pleasure of taking Year 7 to the Weald and Downland Museum. The drive there was extremely picturesque and a great start to the day. When we arrived we were greeted by Natasha who told us how the day would progress.

Our first workshop was to do with farming in the medieval period. We were given a great deal of information and were lucky enough to see two cows harnessed to a medieval cart. Secondly, we were taught about textiles and how linen was made and how cotton graduated from the sheep to thread (fascinating stuff). We all had a go at carding the wool and turning it into two ply thread and volunteers dressed up in medieval clothing and some fabulous photos were taken.
Following lunch, we were taken to a medieval house where the students were shown how to make up a salve to cure all sorts of infections. To make the potion work, a spell had to be spoken which was great fun. We finished our visit in another medieval house which had furniture and proper rooms for us to look at. The students especially liked the toilet (great photos were taken of this as well).

Overall a fabulous day out with a lot learnt. I shall definitely be booking this visit again.

Jacqueline Hadley
Head of History