Moon Hall reaches out!

Years 7 and 8 pupils at Moon Hall were so horrified by the recent terror attacks in the UK that they wanted those that had been affected by the loss or serious injury of a loved one, been a witness to a terror event, or affected from the after effects of others who were involved e.g. taxi drivers, to know that they are not alone and that people are thinking of them.
In their PSHE class the pupils discussed what ‘empathy’ meant and how these events can have a rippling effect on so many for years. The pupils were asked to meditate on either a place where they feel happy and content, an object or things that makes them smile or an experience that brings them joy, peace, calm or tranquility. From this they were then asked to draw what came to mind for each one of them personally.

The resulting pictures and emotive words were both beautiful and moving and are to be sent to Victim Support Manchester where it is hoped that they will help lift the spirits, particularly of those of a similar age to the Moon Hall pupils.

To support the younger pupils, a mufti day was held and 4 of the school’s Yr 10 pupils organised a Manchester Charity Cake Sale, with all money going to the Red Cross for victims affected by terror attacks.

Moon Hall is proud that their pupils recognise that there are always ways in which they can reach out to people.