Paul Milton, Artist and Ambassador for the British Dyslexia Association

Know yourself, be yourself, achieve it yourself, be independent!

We would describe Paul Milton as inspirational.  He describes himself as a dyslexic, an epileptic, an artist and a poet.  At our recent school assembly Paul demonstrated that the power of self-belief and determination can bring rewards.  Bullied throughout his school years, Paul found solace in art, and went on to complete a degree in Surface and Textile Design. He is now a multimedia artist. As he said ‘art is free, there is no punctuation or spelling’.

He is now a successful artist having pictures exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery, the fashion house Versace has one of his pieces as does the Archbishop of Canterbury and David Cameron has a self-portrait undertaken by him.

As a dyslexic, Paul advises other dyslexics that there is a need to persevere, adapt, move forward; that they need to break down boundaries and catch people’s imaginations.

‘Don’t give up’
‘Be yourself’

His message was all about empowermentmoon_hall_college-11

As the British Dyslexia Association Ambassador for Art and Dyslexia, he is working to ensure that teachers understand about dyslexia. In addition, Paul understands that being dyslexic can make people a target for bullies and he is working towards combating this by sitting on the cross party parliamentary anti bullying committee.
Paul acknowledged that being dyslexic can be difficult and he has met people that hide their dyslexia. He used to care what people thought of him but not any longer. Be positive, strong, and confident; know that you can achieve and that the only hurdles are those erected by yourselves.

Adapt, Inspire, Dream, as to stop dreaming is to stop living!