PGL Windmill Hill 2017

Years 3, 4 and 5 had a wonderful PGL stay last weekend. They fenced, climbed, leapt, built, swam, crawled, and zipped their way to exhaustion over two and a half days. Everyone was magnificent.
The group was led by a brilliant centre leader who fortunately had enough enthusiasm and verve for 10 people, which suited Mrs Clark and Mrs Koike who were definitely flagging by Sunday afternoon!







All our pupils took everything in their stride with a smile and a skip. We had different stars who knew that some activities, like climbing, trapeze, the giant swing and the zip wire were going to be a big challenge for them. All of them stepped up however, and by the end of the weekend had succeeded at facing their fears. We were proud of all of them and the courage it needed to jump off the zip wire tower, or climb a 40 foot wall or drop 30 feet in the air and swing.

While some overcame their fear of heights to climb the zip wire tower and look out over the edge, others pushed their limits to zip down the wire and enjoyed it so much that they did it again! One pupil was determined to climb to the top of the trapeze pole only to realise that he now had to come down! It took him a while but eventually he gathered his courage and pushed off the platform. Although very apprehensive, another pupil made a quick decision at the top and flew off on to the bar of the trapeze. What courage!


Our youngest three, were among the most intrepid with one using her dance skills on the challenge course to carry a cup full of stones on her head on the balance beam and was a very supportive partner on the giant swing.

Another pupil used his listening skills to enable him to dig deep and achieve far more than he had anticipated, improving on every activity! Others displayed different talents with some providing entertainment with their general enthusiasm and others showing that a ‘can do’ attitude can spread to everything whether the activities involved water, heights or problem solving.

To anyone who will listen, Mrs Clark and Mrs Koike have said what a fantastic time they had and how they are looking forward to 2018!