Professor Gina Conti-Ramsden, our guest speaker

Moon Hall School, Reigate were delighted to host a talk by Professor Gina Conti-Ramsden, Professor of Child Language and Learning at Manchester University who talked about a 20 year research project into Developmental Language Disorder.

Developmental Language Disorder involves language difficulties that affect the way that children understand and express language and affects their learning and literacy development.

Prof Conti-Ramsden discussed the impacts of these difficulties and the strategies that professionals can use for intervention. The professionals from local schools and sixth form colleges who attended the talk included Speech and Language therapists, SENCos and Educational Psychologists.

Moon Hall Schools’ expertise is the provision of a main stream curriculum for dyslexic pupils, however some of their difficulties are compounded by co existing disorders including developmental language disorder which impacts on the learning of the curriculum.

Prof Conti-Ramsden has a direct link to the school as she works with Becky Clark the head of ClarkSLT, who provides the Speech and Language Therapy at Moon Hall. Along with Professors from Oxford and University College London, they produce a YouTube channel about language difficulties in children (RALLI

Moon Hall has supported the development and filming for the RALLI channel over a number of years and Alison Hedley, Headmistress at Moon Hall said “Language difficulties are part and parcel of literacy difficulties but often go undetected. It was fantastic to have Professor Conti-Ramsden visit and tell us more about her latest research in this area.’

Prof Conti-Ramsden stated that she was “delighted to be able to visit Moon Hall and hear about the great work that goes on here. We are very grateful for all the support given by the school for our campaign to raise awareness of language disorders.”

Pictured above from left to right are Emma Fraser Headmistress of Moon Hall School Dorking, Becky Clark, Alison Hedley and our guest speaker Gina Conti-Ramsden.