Year 6 climb to the top!

Our Yr 6 pupils recently scaled the heights in a thrilling five days at the PGL Centre at Marchant Hill, Beacon Hill, near Hindhead. They made the most testing of tasks look straightforward as they attacked every challenge put before them with courage, zest and enthusiasm.

The activities included the usual mixture of rock climbing, abseiling and ladder climbing towers. The year group showed no compunction about conquering their own ‘Everests’ in a sustained display of joyful defiance and exuberance. Under the guidance of a most experienced PGL hand in our Mrs Koike, plus the well trained encouragement given out by a series of superb activity leaders, the children succeeded in every activity.

Our pupils showed attributes that we are deservedly proud of; a sense of enjoyment and wonderful climbing skills. Courage and doggedness were displayed as one pupil,
never to shirk a challenge, got stuck (literally!) into the mud challenge, placidly resigning himself to the fact that he would be plastered in cold, muddy water while crawling on his stomach underneath wire meshing.

Intelligence and grit got others through the hardest tasks that PGL could offer, while others never became flustered nor appeared apprehensive and encouraged the more nervous of the group when the towers appeared sheer, intimidating and impossible to climb.

All of our pupils came back having achieved their individual challenges – well done to all.

Mr Cattanach
Junior school teacher