Our Missions and Aims


Moon Hall College is a co-educational day school which has an excellent record of teaching dyslexic children aged 7-16. We aim to help and support every child to achieve their full academic and co-curricular potential, teaching to each individual’s ability. We have a low pupil to teacher ratio meaning we are able to provide the appropriate assistance and support for each class. We take very seriously the importance of having a firm base in literacy and numeracy on which to build further academic achievement, and the importance of acquiring the skills needed for a happy and successful life. This approach has also proved beneficial to pupils who are not dyslexic and who benefit from having the individual attention we can give.

By the time our pupils reach the senior school, we aim to help each individual achieve the best GCSE results. However, equally important is the need to identify the strengths and talents of each child which they can develop, and grow in confidence and self-esteem.  For that reason we believe the wide range of sports, clubs and other activities we offer are an important part of the overall education we provide. Because we are a relatively small school, all our pupils have an opportunity to perform before their peers and parents, whether in sport, drama or music.

As well as being prepared academically for higher education, our pupils are prepared for life beyond school. They are given training in how to write a C.V., how to prepare for and conduct themselves in a job interview, and in what to expect in the workplace as well as what will be expected of them. As a small school where all the pupils are well known to the teaching staff, we can provide a depth of pastoral care and support to our pupils. It is a great delight to see how well they have come through that when they graduate as confident, self-assured young adults.